Tangram Puzzle Polygrams Game

Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Download for android Looking for an addictive, challenging puzzle game? You are at the right place! This free tangram puzzle game is so addictive. It is the finest collection of Tangram puzzles in the best tangram game for you to solve endlessly. Tangram puzzles game (also known as Polygram puzzle game) are a classic brain teasing game that has been around for centuries. Find Tangram 5 Pieces, Tangram 7 Pieces, and more in this Tangram App.

?️ Guide to playing this colorful tan gram game:
Tangram is an addictive puzzle game ? that consists of dissected forms which are put together to form original shapes. There are many different variations in this dissection puzzle ?, but the objective is always the same – get all the pieces to fit into the given shape. A shadow on the board, you can make out what it is, maybe you can’t but you are curious to connect the pieces. You want to fill that dark shadow with colorful polygrams, right? The colorful polygram shapes scattered on the board, drag and place them correctly. Regardless of what you call them, tangrams game with HD pictures or polygram game with pieces are a great way to train your brain and keep your mind ? sharp.

Download the best polygram game to feel the craze, feel the satisfaction of HD images. Keep unlocking level after level in classic polygrams mode and expert tan gram mode. Free tangram with levels will satisfy your thirst for puzzle solving. Also, this polygram game is the best brain-teasing puzzle ? for kids and adults.

Game Modes:
☑️ Classic Mode – Place the pieces of tan grams one by one on the board. You keep arranging ? the polygram shapes correctly and completing the polygram puzzle game. There’s no timer ⛔⌛, so relax and enjoy!

☑️ Fun Expert Mode – Need a good tangrams puzzle challenge? If you are an expert polygram player ⛹️, you will fall in love with this mode. Tangram shapes are an enigma. It will twist and tease your brain.

☑️ Multiplayer Mode – Do you want to challenge others? Ready to show your polygram game skills ? to other people? You can compete against other players and show your skills.

In this tangram app, you can turn on sound, music, ignore chat messages, add a profile or edit it, enter a name, and select your avatar ✌️. And also see how many total games you have played, games won, and your win percentage in this dissection puzzle. Spread happiness by sharing this tangram app with your loved ones.

Boosters you get in this brain-teasing game ? :
? Outline – This power-up shows you the outline of the tan gram and makes it easier for you to place the tangram pieces ?.
? Hint – It auto-fills a polygram piece on the polygram board ?.
? Undo – It takes back all the moves and cleans the polygram board for a fresh start ?.
? Combo – Two boosters are combined here to help you arrange all the pieces quickly ?.

Here you will find an excellent collection of tan gram puzzles for adults and kids ?. This tangram block puzzle app will give you the feel of tangram 3D. Dissection puzzles will help to exercise your brain. Take part in the daily tangram games challenge to win coins ?. Choose from the easy tangram puzzle, medium, or hard polygram puzzles. In the Achievements section, take up different polysphere game challenges and win levels to collect more coins.

Features you will love in this tangram app:
? 999+ Brain-teasing tangram HD picture puzzles ?
? Endless rewards and achievements to win in this polygram puzzle ?
? Modes to suit your polygram game experience ?
? Soothing design and colors of tangram shapes ?
? Play tangram online or offline ?
? Easy to difficult tangrams to solve ?

Play and show your friends that you are the true master of tan gram games ?. Trust us, you will enjoy this tan gram app more than playing tangram online. Have fun playing this free puzzle game!

ID: com.rvappstudios.tangram.blocks.puzzle.brain.games

Tangram Puzzle: Polygrams Game Mod Apk Features:

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Size 66MB
Location Puzzle
Permission change Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi networks.
external storage.


unlimited gold/stones, Gems, Money, Hacks, everything, Cash, Known item

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Req Android 4.0+
Rating 9+

How to install Tangram Puzzle: Polygrams Game

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Extract [com.rvappstudios.tangram.blocks.puzzle.brain.games.zip].
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