War Eternal – Rise of Pharaohs 1.0.96

Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Download for android Experience our exclusive kingdom merger feature. Conquer other kingdoms and merge them into your own empire!
Build your own empire or bow to others’ supremacy – it’s up to you.

【Key Features】

First-Ever True Kingdom War Conquest
Conquer neighboring Kingdoms without any restrictions. Once conquered, you’ll add their borders and population to your empire – the wealth and might of their kingdom is yours to command!

Play as Your Preferred Civilization
You begin your journey with a Civilization of your choice, featuring exclusive architecture, technology, and troops. Each Civilization is totally unique, making them a special part of the game play.

Fresh New Strategy Game Feeling
Join players from around the world on the biggest battlefield ever hosted in the history of strategy games. Rally thousands of legions in one attack and see this mighty force destroy everything in its path. You’ll feel your heart pound each time your legions march to war.

Global Diplomacy
Build or topple an Empire using exclusive command and diplomacy systems designed to maximize your strategies through alliance, faction, and foreign relations. You’ll even be able to gather influence and power in other kingdoms!

May the Best Strategy Win
There are thousands of hero combinations to pick and choose from. Even Goliath will fall in battle if you use the right combinations of heroes and skills. Make powerful legions and you’ll crush your enemies.

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1. New Civilization: Empire of the Dragon
2. Exclusive Empire of the Dragon Event: Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage
3. New Empire of the Dragon Heroes: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang, Xiang Yu, Goujian, Cheng Yaojin, and Jing Ke.
4. New National Flag: Colombia
5. New System: Gems
Visit the Gem Craftsman, craft dazzling Gems, and insert them into your Heroes’ Tokens to greatly increase their Power!

ID: com.and.wareternal

War Eternal – Rise of Pharaohs Mod Apk Features:

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Download Infomation

Size 66MB
Version 1.0.96
Location Strategy
Permission change Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi networks.
external storage.


unlimited gold/stones, Gems, Money, Hacks, everything, Cash, Known item

War Eternal – Rise of Pharaohs APK mods (Unlimited money) Android-APKsFree.com

Update 2021-10-18
Req Android 4.0+
Rating 9+
Voting 90256

How to install War Eternal – Rise of Pharaohs

Download the MOD APKs and OBB files of War Eternal – Rise of Pharaohs from android-apksfree.com
Extract [com.and.wareternal.zip].
Copy[com.and.wareternal.APK] to the [OBB Android] folder.
then just Install.


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